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To add more creative projects to your portfolio?
To build long-lasting professional relationships?
To connect with other like-minded freelancers?
Attract more quality work with less effort?

You're in the right place!

Cool Wow Collective represents the best freelance talent in Australia. Through the platform we promote the work of our community, foster opportunities for collaboration and get you in front of flourishing businesses who need your expertise. 

We are currently accepting applications from creative freelancers with the following skillsets:

Graphic Design | Copywriting | Marketing | Photography | Videography | Publicity

We understand finding new clients can be a real challenge for freelancers and we want to make finding that next gig a whole lot easier. When you are represented by Cool Wow Collective, you can trust that we are working hard to find awesome clients to connect you to. You don’t have to compete on price and you don’t have to submit hundreds of pitches and proposals. We will:

✔ Pitch for work
✔ Write snazzy proposals (with your input)
✔ Invoice jobs for you (if you choose)

Sound good?

Memberships are a simple and affordable $99 + GST for an entire year!
Know that we will have your back and do our best to help your freelancing biz soar.

cool wow collective members


✔ Representation by creative marketing experts who get what you do and will put you forward for the right opportunities

✔ The opportunity to simplify your processes and save time for creativity by eliminating consuming tasks like proposals and invoicing

✔ A dedicated profile page on our website to showcase your work

✔ Exposure to Cool Wow Collective's client network who are looking for great talent

✔ Access to a private Facebook group to connect with fellow Cool Wow Collective freelancers

✔ Opportunities to raise your profile through interviews on the blog and social media posts featuring your good work

✔ Partner discounts to help your business grow.

✔ Free meet ups to connect to other freelancers.

If you're serious about building your freelance business, you’re INVITEd TO APPLY.

As someone who had never paid for marketing myself before, it was hard to outlay the cost without knowing the results. But I’m thrilled to say that since I’ve been with Cool Wow Collective I’ve gained over $8K in sales that I wouldn’t have found myself! Haley offers an amazing service and I love being part of a talented freelancer network that attracts high quality clients. I’ve also been able to expand my personal network and refer clients to other freelancers in Cool Wow Collective with confidence.
— Amber Stapff, Graphic Designer
Amber Cool Wow Collective
Jena Cool Wow Collective
I wasn’t sure if I would get work from Cool Wow Collective at first, but the price was relatively affordable and I loved the overall vibe of the business so I took the risk. I also followed a lot of the other freelancers in Cool Wow Collective on Instagram so was very excited to be among professionals whose work I admired. Since joining I’ve got some really lovely work to the value of $1500 in just three months, and it’s been such a pleasure to work with Haley. I’m so happy to finally join a freelance network that actually aligns with my values. It’s not clinical and impersonal like some networks, and it feels like creativity and people come before money. The briefing process is clear and concise (every designers dream!) and it has introduced me to high profile clients that are outside of my own contacts. As a result, we’ve been able to deliver some beautiful high end projects together. I would recommend Cool Wow Collective 100%.
— Jena Marie, Graphic Designer
Before I joined I wondered if Cool Wow Collective would be another website where you put your name, work, time and effort but then nothing really happens, it wasn’t like that. I instantly got contacted by Haley asking real questions about myself, my work and my goals. I felt welcomed into the crew on Instagram and they helped me write my bio. Soon after joining I landed my dream project with a brand I admire. Within a year I will bring in $40K of new revenue thanks to Cool Wow Collective! I love feeling like I’m part of a group that shares my same aspirations. It has opened a door to a creative community where opportunities and connections await and I would definitely recommend it to other freelancers.
— Adriana Santelices, Graphic Designer
Adriana Cool Wow Collective
Shanna Gualtieri, Marketer, Cool Wow Collective
I was new to freelancing after a global marketing career, and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make any income from Cool Wow Collective. However I’m extremely happy! From being a member I was able to find new clients, meet new friends and start a new career chapter working entirely for myself! I’ve get some incredible clients and made at least 30x the cost of the membership in work accrued from my membership and affiliation with Cool Wow. The site is heavily SEO’d so when someone searches my name, Cool Wow is one of the first listings. Also working with Haley is incredible. Haley is so positive, inspiring and someone I’m so lucky to have met. Cool Wow is the reason I started to believe I could finally launch my dream career. Anyone who is a freelancer needs to join Cool Wow to help get their name out into the market and to acquire awesome new clients, it’s worth every cent!
— Shanna Gualtieri, Marketer

Note: we are tiny, but mighty so only a handful of freelancers are accepted each round. we can’t guarantee work but we will do our best to match you with awesome opportunities as they come along.