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Shaping ideas into strong brands

Cool Wow Collective is a modern marketing consultancy that bridges the gap between client and creative. Our collective purpose is to shape ideas into strong brands. 

We provide specialist creative services including copywriting, brand, and social media strategy to help you get things done, when you need to. Everyone you work with is a freelancer or contractor - no big agency overheads here! It keeps us flexible, it keeps as affordable, it keeps us creative. 

Our hand-picked selection of Australia’s best freelancer talent, fondly known as the #coolwowcrew, are ready and able to help your business flourish no matter what stage it's at. 


Haley Berryman

Haley Berryman is the driving force behind Cool Wow Collective. She's a seasoned marketing professional who’s passionate about growing memorable brands through spot-on social media, storytelling & strategy.

With over a decades experience, she’s worked with brands in a wide range of fields from fashion to food including Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, New Era, Peter Rowland, Hike & Seek and Thankyou.

She loves nothing more than helping purpose-driven brands find, convert and keep their dream customers coming back for more. Cool Wow Collective was developed to help not only clients, but also the freelancing community grow beautiful and sustainable businesses.


These are the things that we value most.

01 knowlEdge 

For us, learning never stops. We continuously seek opportunities to deepen our understanding of trends, technology and techniques to become better ourselves and enhance our craft. Learning comes naturally because we genuinely love what we do, and we're proud to share our knowledge freely to enable others to thrive. 


Why blend in when you were born to stand out! As freelancers, we have chosen to create our own career path and commit to our crafts. We create passionate work that dares to be different by diving deep into our clients' core values. Armed with our knowledge and experience we can act fearlessly and follow our gut to results that wow.

03 DependAbIlTY  

It goes without saying that as independent contractors and consultants, we need to build trust. We are professional, prepared and reliable. We show up and deliver when we say we will. We have an incredible amount of respect for our clients time and naturally expect the same in return. 

04 ENCOURAgement 

Everyone is at a different stage of their business and freelancing journey - we aren't here to judge. We value collaboration over competition. And when it comes to our clients we offer honest advice, critical thinking, and innovative solutions to help your brand shine. When we work with you, are part of your team. We don't have our own agenda, we're here to help you achieve yours. 


We honour original thinking and live our passions every day. Freedom to express who we are the the unique gifts we offer helps encourage others to do the same. We have chosen to turn our passion into our career. And when clients have a brilliant idea but are stumped on how to get it out there, it's our power of expression that can bring it to life. 

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