8 awesome podcasts for creative freelancers

We're self-confessed podcast addicts around here so have wrapped up a few of our favourite podcasts to fire up your creative business. From mindset and motivation to practical tips and interviews, you’ll be sure to find something that can help your creative career soar. 

best podcasts for creative freelancers - cool wow collective

Your Creative Start
This lovely podcast helps creatives get started in their own businesses and become known for their something. Host Jaharn Jiles shares weekly episodes and tackles the topics creatives want to hear about the most, including getting started, dealing with self doubt, becoming your own boss, what to do in a creativity rut, learning from mistakes, and lots more. She also interviews creatives about how they got started, the lessons they’ve learned along the way, and asks them to share wisdom bombs, actionable advice and practical tips so you feel inspired and motivated in business and life. We love it! Check it out here.

Live in the Feast
Live in the Feast is a seasonal podcast dedicated to freelancers and helping them build a profitable business so you can live a life that you design. Host Jason Resnick brings in loads of great guests from all over the world on their journey to creating their own job as an independent freelancer. Episodes get under the skin to reveal each freelancers journey, their struggles, their successes and more. It does lean towards more technical/development guests, but there is also an entire season dedicated to 'marketing for freelancers' which is packed with practical tips for any creative freelancer. Check it out here.

Stop, Collaborate & Listen
Jess Rufus is the queen of collaborations and she's so generous with her knowledge. With a background in publicity she has her spidy-senses tuned to brand building opportunities for everyone. When you listen to this podcast you can tell she's accumulated loads of business wisdom along the way through her personal experience and relationships with cutting-edge and start-up brands through her business. Expect bite-sized episodes packed with loads of easy to digest tips to use in your business right away. From 'networking without the awkwardness' to 'growing your email list' Jess will dish up the dirt without the fluff to help you and your business level-up. Check it out here.

Start Up Creative
This podcast, like the business namesake, is a place where courage and creativity collide. It is a forum for unchartered territories, unknown terrain, and unfinished business. The podcast is dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and educating those that that dare plunge into the world of starting their own business. Host Kaylene Langford has a wealth of experience behind her as a business coach and brings out her insights and personal journey to help others looking to grow their own thing. A must listen if you want some no BS advice and real-talk, plus a little bit of mindset for good measure! Check it out here

The Breakthrough Year
Sam Bell, the creative behind Brand It Girl originally created The Breakthrough Year a summit designed to help women make a breakthrough in their business at a time of the year when energy for new years resolutions were dropping and reaching goals was seemingly impossible! It's now evolved into a program and podcast to help people start their online businesses the right way and stop going around in circles. Find loads of awesome interviews and practical tips to help your business find those breakthrough moments. Check it out here.  

Talk Social To Me
We all know social media plays a role in our business, especially as creative types, and this podcast is a ripper. It's hosted by Stevie Dillon, an Aussie based Social Media Strategist who leaves nothing on the table when it comes to sharing her knowledge. She gets super tactical when it comes to tips you can action right away, and interviews other small businesses who have managed to make a mark in their own social channels. Episodes are usually a good 20-25 minutes which is perfect for my morning walk! For loads of practical tips and inspirational interviews, be sure to give this one a spin. Check it out here.

Creative Pep Talk
The Creative Pep Talk Podcast is designed to help you make a good living, making great art. Host and freelance illustrator Andy J. Miller is passionate about helping creative's strike the perfect balance between art and business. Through ridiculous analogies, personal stories and artist interviews, Andy hopes to help you break free from confusion and make a plan for your creative career success! It's a great listen with some awesome guests. Check it out here.

Being Boss
Last but not least, the Being Boss podcast. Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers and side-hustlers. Hosts Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon dig into mindset, habits, routines, boundaries and a little bit of magic in their chats with a range of awesome guests and between each other. They are here to help you make money doing what you love - who doesn't want that!? This was the first podcast I started listening to religiously as I was growing my business and I even went to their Boss Vacay in New Orleans to meet them and hang out with other start-ups. A cool podcast that will help you be more boss in your business.  Check it out here.

And I could go on and on (it’a an addiction), but these are some of our most loved podcasts for creative freelancers. Have we missed any? What are your favourites? Leave a comment below.