Cool Wow Collective connects fashion and lifestyle businesses to independent and passionate freelancers that deliver great results. 


Cool Wow Collective is a unique marketing agency that bridges the gap between client and creative. It’s a place for start-ups, agencies and established businesses to find thoughtful, strategic and cost-effective marketing solutions. Our marketing strategists are supported by a hand-picked selection of Australia’s best freelancers who specialise in brand storytelling, brand identity, websites & social media marketing. This makes us a game-changing agency for businesses looking for flexible marketing solutions that can move with you as your business evolves.


Storytelling (copywriting & content)
Design (logo & website)
Social media (management)
Website (design & development)

But first...strategy.


If you need an extra talented human on board for your next project get in touch. We have a range of
freelancers who have hand-picked for their experience. They have the capacity to fulfil short-term project requirements or build beautiful ongoing relationships that grow as your business does.   

We have freelancers in... 


 If you are new to the market or looking to grow, one of our talented marketing and communications crew can help you get there. From target market development to building social media strategy we will review what you have and help you develop clear and actionable plans to drive your business forward.


Developing your brand voice can be challenging, we get it. Our social media and content writers can audit your existing activity and recommend improvements to create a strong and customised plan for your brand. 


We have some amazing graphic designers on board who spend time asking the tough questions before putting pen to paper. This ensures you get a visual identity that feels absolutely right for you. From logo and business cards to packaging and brochures, we can build you a brand that will help you stand out from the crowd. 


Someones once said, your website is your greatest employee. It can sell for you, communicate who you are to your dream customers, troubleshoot any issues and help people fall in love with your brand while you sleep! Our website designers are here to help you get the most out of your website to ensure your website is future-proof and ready to carry some of the load (you have enough things to do as a business owner)! 


What you say is as important as what you sell. Our copywriters are total word nerds who will bring your brand to life with compelling copy that makes it impossible for customers to ignore your brand. From feature writing, to print advertising to SEO optimised digital, get the good with our crew.


As a fashion or lifestyle brand, you need compelling visual content. Whether it's a lookbook, a campaign shoot, developing social media content or capturing your launch event, our photographers and videographers will make sure to capture the essence of your brand and bring it to life visually. 


We have a suite of fantastic stylists, art directors and models to help you build brilliant lookbooks or creative campaign shoots that your customers won't want to ignore.


Protecting your business assets should be a priority. From trademarks to copyright to IP, our incredible freelance lawyer can help you navigate the legal battlefield to build your business with confidence.


If you are throwing a launch party, running a networking event or simply need an excuse to celebrate, we have event management professionals and event stylists who have worked on huge events Australia wide ready to create an event your customers will remember long after you call last drinks!