Sharnee Thorpe

Sharnee Thorpe Cool Wow Collective

Skills: Print design | Graphic design | Hand painted prints | Illustration

Intricate motifs, wild flowers, paisley prints and nature inspired patterns are all in a day’s work for Sharnee. She has gathered over 5 years design experience working for high end labels to small fashion boutiques in New Zealand and America and is turning heads now in Australia as her freelance career blossoms.

Sharnee is self-motivated and hungry to build her portfolio on her path to world domination! But seriously, this girl will transform your photo references, moodboards and ideas into stylish prints that ooze personality. She really takes pride in her work, and you will see this dedication reflected in your designs. Bonus she is super down to earth and lovely to work with.

A self-proclaimed artistic bohemian, she seeks inspiration from nature and travelling to fuel her passion for art, design and fashion. Her prints have been seen on the runways of Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Australia and New York Fashion Week. Her prints have also been featured in Vogue, marie claire and a swagger of other fashion publications. We love her, and know you will too!