Mette Kortelainen


Skills: Photography

Mette is a Melbourne based fashion photographer originally from Helsinki, Finland. She is takes her work seriously but always with a smile, loves being creative and is happiest when working with like-minded people. 

Some of her snaps can be found on the websites of faux fur brand Jin&Yin, sustainable ecommerce store Ecomono and outdoor adventure tour company Hike & Seek.  Mette also loves hiking, yoga, running and eating delish food. If you have that in common, you'll be a great pair! 

Mette takes client brief well. She’s proactive and shares her creative thinking and professional experience throughout a project. As a client, we feel relief that she gets us. She thinks in the same way but also brings more creativity to the team. We really enjoyed working with her and consider her as one of our creative team.
— Jindan Sun, Founder of Jin&Yin