Lucy - Copywriter

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Skills: Copywriting, content writing, editing

Lucy is a copywriter, editor and rogue-apostrophe ‘banisher’ with more than a decade of experience. She's adept at referring to herself in the third person if necessary. 

Lucy loves working with rock-star brands, some of her past clients include Business Chicks, Lonely Planet, Zap Fitness, SCENIC, JONES magazine, Cristina Re and Cosmopolitan. Her skill set includes style guides, SEO-friendly blog writing, long-form copy (brochures, booklets), digital copy (entire websites, EDMs, social media), advertorials, technical writing, feature writing and subediting. She enjoys seeing businesses and brands thrive when they have copy that grabs their audience and boosts their bottom line. 

For Lucy, happiness is defined as hot chips, a salty swim, diving into a good book, a glass of Tassie pinot noir, clever wordplay, a sunshine-soaked music festival, visiting a new country, well-placed hyphens and a bear hug from a loved one. 

Lucy’s creativity and intelligence for the written word knows no bounds. Plus, she’s just a joy to have around. She has a great sense of humour, understands the importance of urgency and deadlines and, well, just gets things done. I’d highly recommend her.
— Emma Isaacs, Founder and Global CEO, Business Chicks


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