Louise B - Graphic Design & Illustrator

Louise Brough for CWC Profile.png

Skills: Designer, Illustrator, Art Director

Lou is a visual storyteller, designer, pun maker and lover of ramen. She’s a jack of all trades and master of none kinda gal. The last 8 years as a graphic designer has taught her how to pull apart a problem and put it back together with a darn good creative solution.

Things she does include bringing brands to life: craft beautiful packaging people love receiving; illustrate anything: from an entire book to a single banana on a skateboard in fluffy slippers; and make sweet-looking websites!

Things she can’t do? Sleep if she sees bad kerning, eat under the table with tacos (she’s still up for this challenge!) and go to dinner without critiquing the design of the restaurant menu!

Her expertise has graced businesses like Vinomofo, Who Gives a Crap and Thankyou. That’s a stellar portfolio, isn’t it? Bonus fact, she bloody loves Mexico because she studied there, lived there and cannot get enough! Si, amigos!

Louise is a talented graphic designer who listens to her clients and seeks to understand their requirements so she can deliver great solutions. She is responsive, reliable, trustworthy and very easy to recommend.
— Leigh Stafford, Managing Director, Leading Matters


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