Jessica-Marree - Illustrator

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Skills: Illustration

Hailing from Melbourne, Jessica Marree is a trained Graphic Designer and experienced Illustrator with experience working in a variety of business stages from start-up stage to agency land. Jessica loves to collaborate with small businesses and individuals to create bespoke illustrations and designs.

Having been in the illustration and design industry for 6 years, she has already worked with various brands proving that her versatile skills can get herself and her clients into the game. Among her notable projects are Bio Cup Art Series, this elegant wallpaper design, and this amazing commissioned artwork.

She is passionate about health and environmentally conscious brands and is always on the hunt for unique collaborations that see her designs on other peoples beautiful products. If you love her feminine style as much as we do, get in touch!

Working with Jessica to achieve our bespoke artwork for our house was easy. From the start to the finish it was easy to communicate our ideas to work in achieving exactly what we wanted. I couldn’t recommend her enough!


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