Jessica - Marketer

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Skills: Digital Marketing, Content Marketing

Jess is a Labrador trapped in the body of a human. A story teller from the moment she could write and talk, Jess uses her background as a filmmaker and communications wizard to create content that stands out and tells the right story to the right audience.

She is passionate about crafting visual content and copy that align to killer strategies and result in amazing success stories. If it’s website updates, EDMs or social media you’re looking for help with, look no further. Jess is known for being quick, sassy and clever, and for her fine taste in tequila.

In her four years in the marketing industry, she already left a mark on her clients’ businesses. Among those who she touched with her magic marketing hands are Mash Media, ResponSight and Syrinscape.

Jess has been a dedicated part of our marketing team from the very moment she walked into the office. She’s committed to geting the best result in the fastest time possible, while staying on budget. Her lateral thinking and creative problem solving helped us run successful brand awareness campaigns, and her passion for content creation is second to none. She is awesome.


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