Carmen - Copywriter

Carmen Cool Wow Collective Copywriter.png

Skills: Copywriting, Social Media Content & Management

Carmen packed her little red suitcase and left Scotland for sunny Australia straight out of uni. Since then, she's been talking, writing and creating around the country before finding her forever home in Adelaide.

She's a lover of bold words that connect with real people and make actual sales. No BS and no stressing about bots. She launched her freelance business Blether (it means chat in Scotland) to write bad ass things for bad ass people. She also makes time to donate her skills to not-for-profits to align with her values. She loves dashes and commas equally - don't make her choose.

Her ideal Saturday would be listening to true crime podcasts while painting, taking her labradoodle Kenny to the beach and reading a book with a damn good twist. Oh and cheese, lots of cheese!

Carmen, I am sitting here in utter awe of what you have done. From the bottom of my heart thank you, every word you have written I can tell you have put so much thought in to and it really is so beautiful. You have done my story so much justice.
— Remy, Baby in Time


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