Camilla - Copywriter


Skills: Copywriting | Content Marketing Strategy | SEO Copy | Feature Writing

When you’re starved for words and nothing is hitting the page quite right you’ll wish you had this girl in your corner. Meet Camilla, a true professional when it comes to crafting compelling copy that inspires, engages and converts customers!

She has worked with a bunch of leading Australian fashion brands to boost their connections with customers including Sportsgirl, Seed Heritage, Politix, The Con-Nection and Bear Denim to name a few. She knows the power of words and isn’t afraid to use them! She’ll craft sentences that illuminate and fascinate, leaving your audience hanging on every word.

If you’re a business-savvy creative, stylish entrepreneur, maker, doer, health enthusiast or a lover of luxury, you won’t be disappointed. Camilla has a way with words that will elevate your brand to new heights. She should be on your speed-dial!


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