Bec - Graphic Designer

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Skills: Graphic Design, Illustration, Pattern Design

Great design and execution help a brand to stand out, but it's that great idea that makes a brand memorable. This is a belief that Bec firmly sticks to and carries across into all the work she does - whether it’s graphic design, art direction, illustration or surface pattern design.

Bec has gained 18 years experience in ad agencies and design studios. She’s a strategic thinker and has a good eye for design, with branding and campaign work being her strong points. Bec always aims to come up with conceptual work that creates an emotional connection with people.

Her skills have already helped tons of brands throughout the years but among the notable ones are GYROstreamCancer Council - Pink Ribbon Campaign and Frances Lalor Author.

Drawing is Bec’s favourite, it was her go-to pastime as a child. But when she’s not into serious design mode, you can find her listening to 80s music and watching trash bag TV. She gets very excited by bold fashion choices (on herself and when she passes fabulous strangers in the street), and coffee is a must-have along with beach holidays.

Working with Bec was an absolute delight! She was extremely personable, quick to respond to any requests and all work was presented professionally and of the highest quality. Her knowledge of design principles and how to interpret a brief was extremely impressive as were the results of all of the projects she was assigned.


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