Anna C - Marketer

Anna Czermak.png

Skills: Social Media and Digital Marketing

Anna is a geeky brain anda social media specialist.. Having spent over 10 years working in marketing in both the UK and Australia, she started her own business after a tree change from Melbourne to picturesque Daylesford.

She considers herself as a digital nerd, who can talk for hours about algorithms, cost per click, and the subtle differences between each social media platform. She also studied professional writing and public relations, making her a versatile social media marketer marketer.

When you can't find her in front of her computer screen, she's probably attending to her garden despite being 'allegedly' bad at gardening. She also coined the term 'Gin Enthusiast' to describe a side of her that embraces danger, adventure and a love for gins. And she doesn't stop at that in terms of being a go-getter; she also used to bite coke cans in half as one of her party tricks, but eventually she is no longer into the crazy stuff. 

Don’t find customers for your products. Find products for your customers.
— Seth Godin


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