Amy M - Videographer

Amy Marks - CWC profile.png

Skills: Videography

Amy is a quirky and fun-loving 22-year-old videographer from Melbourne. She loves to use video to help share stories and believes there is a story in everything - it’s her job is to help people work out how to find their uniqueness and present so it makes impact with a wider audience.

She loves shooting events like conferences and workshops to capture the true vibe of an event. She’s also keen on working with people to help them share their vision and personality with the world via video interviews too. Her focus is online video and new media formats and if you need a reduced or shortened format for social (hello .GIF!), she’s always ready to conquer the next craze.

Amy been in shooting videos for five years now and has been freelancing part time for 3 years while completing her degree. Young as she may be, she has already worked with various businesses such as Victoria University Student Life and Communications, Victoria University Careers Development 2016 and Carly Findlay at Melbourne Fashion Week.

When she’s not working on a video project, she’s usually starting up conversations with interesting strangers, participating in youth disability advocacy or drinking bubble tea. Get in touch if you want an enthusiastic and professional young videographer to share your story!

I particularly enjoyed how Amy saw potentials in the footage that I would not have seen, and she injected her own creative impulse while remaining sensitive to the intentions of the film. I knew the project was in capable and reliable hands with Amy. It is a delight to hand over raw footage and have it returned as a cohesive and entertaining gem
— Robin Grille


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