Amelia - Art Director

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Skills: Art Director, Advertising, Marketing

Amelia is one of those kinds of people who arrives at the cinema early to watch the ads.

She likes watching them (well, the good ones) and creating them. She has been working on all kinds of things for over ten years now. In an attempt to achieve the work-life-child balance, she has been freelancing as a Senior Art Director for the last year and a half. She enjoys really understanding what clients need, creative problem solving and making ads that work.

She also helps out Haley with her work-life-child balance by working as the Cool Wow Relationship Manager (Yes! Yes! Yes!). Which is pretty cool wow for you! It means if you want a hit of creative genius, smart strategy or artistic eye, you can just give her a holla to book in a session before you both begin the design process.

She can also project manage jobs, so if you would like the job to be looked after like a healthy Tamagotchi, she can make that work too.

Over 10 years in this industry, Amelia has already worked on a rainbow of brand colours, from a big blue bank, big red supermarket and a big orange airline to small start-ups and family-run businesses.

Amelia is the full contemporary advertising package: brilliant art director, sharp conceptualiser, uncompromising in execution and with an innate sense of strategy.
— Campbell Smith, Chief Creative Strategy Officer at Big Red Communications Group


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