Serena O - Marketer

Serena O'Brien for Cool Wow Collective.png

Skills: social media strategy, marketing and management

Serena O'Brien is a founder of a Mornington-based business assisting brands with social media strategy, marketing and management.

She is on a mission to make social media for small business less overwhelming, more fun and effective! Serena, has corporate marketing experience, studied social media marketing and is now (very slowly) plodding her way through a Masters of Digital Media. She has worked with children's brands such as Baby Bistro, beauty brands such as Dermal Aesthetics and The Glow Room, community brands such as Her Drum, as well as major international brands such as Bertolli Olive Oil.

The biggest challenge she has as a freelancer is carving out time for her business but she's still rocking her career like the 'girlboss' that she is! 

Whilst she loves all things social media, Serena is also a proud mum to daughters Rosie and Bonnie, a coffee addict and social butterfly who loves a good laugh and glass of bubbles!

We are extremely grateful for Serena’s amazing help with our social media. I have found Serena to be genuinely excited about delivering our message and our content, and her creativity really shines through our clinic direction. Getting SOVA Social involved has taken away the huge time investment we were making for this aspect of our business, but reintroduced the fun part of marketing. So being able to put back this time into the business and finding the fun again has been really fantastic! Thank you Serena!


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