Amanda Hutchings

Skills: Intellectual property | Commercial contracts | Consumer law & marketing

When it comes to protecting your business assets, Amanda is your new best friend! She is a commercial lawyer who brings over 10 years experience to the table. Amanda is passionate about the arts and the creative industries and a large part of her practice focuses on assisting individuals and businesses in these fields. With a down-to-earth and practical approach, Amanda helps you navigate the legal battlefield to build your business confidence.

From service agreements to intellectual property rights, Amanda will make the complex simple. But be warned, this is not your typical law firm! Amanda doesn’t charge in 6 minute increments or make you pay for her to come and see you, she will structure fees and payment schedules that work for you (hooray)! On top of that, her initial consultations comes at no charge, yes really.

Amanda spends time getting to know her clients and their business and the environment within which they operate, so that she can provide them with tailored strategic and creative commercial advice. She believes everyone should have access to high quality legal advice and be on equal footing as the big guys when it comes to legal representation.

The fact that she loves her work and is passionate about what her clients do too is evident. We think you will love her!