Freelancer FAQs

How many clients can I expect to get through Cool Wow Collective?

We can’t guarantee that every freelancer will land work, but we do guarantee you'll get exposure to be seen by a growing number of fashion and lifestyle brands. Cool Wow Collective is fast becoming known as the trusted directory to find a curated hub of dedicated, talented & experienced freelancers.


Who manages the client relationship?

You hold the relationship with the client.  Once you chat, quote and work with them they're all yours. We are not a talent or recruitment agency, we are a marketing platform to help you get noticed and build your professional profile. Make sure you ask new clients where they heard about you and share the epic work you complete with clients scored through Cool Wow Collective. 


Do clients have to pay to book freelancers?

Nope. Client's don't pay a thing to get access to our freelancers. We remove all the barriers to help get you great bookings with flourishing brands. 



Can I use the Cool Wow Collective logo in promotions?

Sure! If your application is successful and membership fee paid, you’ll be sent a Welcome Pack with member perks and everything you need to share the Cool Wow Collective love. After all, the more you promote Cool Wow Collective, the more people know about us….and you!

how much is the membership and how long does it last?  

Freelancer memberships are a single fee of AU$99 + GST and lasts for 12 months. One month before your membership is up you’ll receive a reminder so you can make a call on staying part of the crew or not. We’ve had members leave after a year because they are too busy with work! So while we’d love you to stay, our ultimate goal is that you grow a thriving business.

WHAT benefits are included with the membership? 

Not only do you get to showcase your skills alongside a bunch of quality creatives, you’ll be exposed to more cashed-up clients to help grow your professional brand via our social media pages, blog and email news. We've also rustled up exclusive partner offers for our members. Check out all the inclusions here


I’m not 100% sure on what I need, can you help?

Totally!  If you are starting your own business or hitting a road-block on a new project, please get in touch and tell us all about it here. You'll be recommended a freelancer or two to help you move forward. And if we don't think we have the right fit we will let you know.  


How do i choose the right freelancer?

You are welcome to pick a freelancer from our directory here. Once you land on someone who looks good, complete our basic enquiry form. This will tell us (and them) what you need in as much detail as possible including your deadline and budget. If you simply want us to choose the best fit for you, then we will call you to walk through a brief and match the best talent to your needs.


Do you have resources to work at my workplace?

As freelancers most work remotely, but depending on the project, spending time with you in your business might be the best option. There have been cases where a freelancer has chosen to work in-house for a day a week to or simply has regular video calls to keep the communication flowing. No matter if we are near or far, we like to consider ourselves as an extension of your team.

I'm a start-up business, what can i expect to pay for freelancers? 

Our freelancers have worked with many start-up brands and businesses and love enabling you to reach your business dreams. As a guide, most freelancers in Cool Wow Collective charge between AU$90 - AU$150  per hour depending on experience. We will put together a tailored proposal for you and quote a flat fee for a project or an hourly rate depending on your needs and budget. 


I have limited marketing capabilities but want to grow by business, can you help?

Yes!  We understand growing your business is full on, you don’t have time to learn everything about marketing or design, thats where we help. As experienced professionals, we've worked with many growing businesses to help them level-up. We would love to enable your business to take the next step on the journey.


What exactly will I get from working with you?

We can deliver anything from logo design to website copy to a social media strategy. We hope to delivery to your objectives and provide guidance and expertise along the way to give you the best results.