Do you need a professional headshot? Short answer, yes. Here's why.

Do you need a professional headshot? Yes!

A lot of freelancers and business owners skip past costly investments into themselves. This is mistake number one when it comes to building a business and a brand that stands out. I get it, cash can be tight and you have more important things to worry about like getting that next proposal out. But if you're serious about building trust and confidence with potential clients (which you should be), a good headshot is a must.  Here are 5 reasons why a professional headshot is worth the investment. 


In this digital age your online profile (whether on LinkedIn or your website about page) is your shop front. It needs to be engaging and authentic. If you're using anything more than 2 years old, it's time to change it up. Nothing is worse than meeting someone face to face and they look nothing like their picture. No one likes inauthenticity. I'm not saying your business is doomed because of this, but if you can accurately show who you and make a great first impression, you're one step closer to building a solid relationship.


If you're trying to grow your personal brand, you better have an awesome headshot on file. Imagine when when that dream brand asks you to collaborate on a webinar, speak at their conference or write a guest post to their audience? Make sure you're not left panicking as you scramble to send over a bio and picture. Having a killer headshot on hand means you are ready leverage the opportunity. Your partner can use your headshot to promote your partnership to their audiences and drive eyeballs back to you. Hello new potential clients! 


Remember a good headshot is an extension of your brand so feel free to put a touch of your personality into it. People do business with people, so having a shot that shows a little more insight into who you are could help you land that next client. A picture sends out all sorts of signals about us, our personality & likability. Gather a few words that describe your personality and share this with your photographer. They will work with you to recommend ideas like using certain coloured backdrops or poses to try to make sure your personality shines through. 


We all know what a good picture can do for our self-esteem. Getting in front of the camera with a good photographer to is a great way to boost your confidence. They should make you feel relaxed and natural to get a great shot that you are proud to share with the world. Often once you look the part, you step-up and act the part too (fake it til you make it right)! 


While your mate might be handy with a camera, nothing beats having a professional behind the lens. They know how to work lighting and capture moments that represent your true nature. So while this isn't exactly a reason 'why' you need a professional headshot, it is a reminder to take the time to find someone who knows what they are doing. Carve out a little budget to do this every 2 years or so. When you split the cost over that time period it isn't such a scary sum and actually turns out to be a pretty smart investment after all! 


Experts have said that the two top qualities people look for when choosing if they want to work with or trust someone in business are competence and warmth. But how do you demonstrate this in a headshot? Here are three ways to nail it:

  1. Smile and look at the camera - A smile demonstrates approachability and looking down the camera makes it feel like you are already face to face with that client. There can be cases for other poses but generally speaking approachability and warmth are great qualities to portray.

  2. Squinch - This is when your eyes smile too, so try to get that in the shot (even though it might bring out a few of those eye wrinkles lines) because it will make you seem more genuine. It's the kind of smile we do when we are truly happy and people recognise that without even realising.

  3. Posture - Sit tall and keep your shoulders away from your ears. If your shoulders are hunched up too close it will give off an anxious or nervous vibe.

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