Events Guide: March 2018

Ok, March is awash with boss-worthy business events. I had to restrain myself from booking tickets to everything. It's all about girl power with a range of events rallying around International Women's Day. Get out there and connect. 

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The Cool Career Conference
Friday 2 March, 1pm - 5pm | Tickets from $64 + BF
If you are craving a career in fashion but wondering exactly how to get your break, this is a must attend. The 2018 Cool Careers Conference is a 4-hour event geared towards helping you make it in the fashion industry – from starting a fashion brand to blogging, predicting trends as a journalist to PR + Marketing, whatever it is, this event is designed to show you how to make it happen. Book tickets here. 

Ice Cream & Freelancing: A Meet Up for Creative Freelancers
Wednesday 7 March, 5.30pm - 7pm | FREE
Make your week a little bit sweeter at this meet up is designed for intelligent, creative and fearless freelancers. It's an informal opportunity to hear from other freelancers and share stories to help make the freelancing journey a little less lonely. If you freelancing full-time, part-time or as a side-hustle to come along and start building rock-solid relationships with like-minded freelancers. Secure your free ticket here.

On Wednesday's We Wear Pink
Wednesday 7 March, 6-9pm | Tickets $20 + BF
The lively ladies at LMBDW hosting a get together to and celebrate International Women's Day the light-hearted way.  There are no serious breakfasts this year, instead, they're hosting a kick-ass balcony party in Melbourne’s CBD celebrating what has been an EPIC year for women around the world - and looking ahead to an even bigger 2018. Join the party

Official Waterman Caribbean Park Launch Party. Business Networking Event!
Wednesday 7 March, 7.30-10.30pm | Tickets from $29
The vision and theme of the evening is “Making The Impossible, Possible”.  Hear from inspirational speakers and how they made their business possible. Waterman Business Centers is landing at Caribbean Park and this is your chance to see this new, 4-story, 8000sqm building surrounded by greenery and network with hundreds of small and medium business owners. Grab a ticket here

Her Words: International Women's Day Panel
Thursday 8 March, 6.15-8.30pm | Tickets $26 *Sorry Sold Out*
Every wondered how activists got started? Or how to actually create change for good in your life? Last year was big for women and the world, and 2018 looks to be even bigger. Join the conversation at this International Women’s Day event bringing together a panel of five women to talk about how they’re pressing for progress. Secure your seat here

National Freelance Day
Thursday 15 March, 10am - 4.15pm | Tickets $65 + BF
Being your own boss is the freelancer's dream, but for many, it's only one part of a much bigger journey. National Freelance Day this year will explore what it takes for freelancers to become not just sustainable, but what freelancers can do to begin expanding and diversifying their careers or business. Don't miss this one freelancers! Book your ticket here

Level Up Your Career
Thursday 15 March, 8.30am-5.30pm | Tickets $329 + BF
A bunch of amazing speakers is lined up talking about career growth, building a network, reverse mentoring, management, authentic leadership, mindfulness, health & wellness and more. Find out more and book tickets here.

Lights Camera Lipstick! Video Confidence Bootcamp
Thursday 22 March, 9.45am-1.30pm | $89 + BF
Lights Camera Lipstick is all about building your confidence through learning skills to create absolute impact videos to share with your online community, attract clients, connect with people and so much more. This class will take you through a five-step system on how to successfully implement video marketing, and you’ll feel fantastic! Secure your spot here


Imagination at Play; Creating Playful Connection Through Purposeful Design
Monday 5 March, 6-8.30pm | $35 + BF
deFrost* #52 will be a powerful panel discussion between Ant Donovan, Group Creative Director at Frost*collective, Mollie Li, Chief Imagination Officer at NUBO and Joey Ho from PAL Design Group along with Frost*collective's leading team. Learn how to create projects and campaigns through a multidisciplinary approach and how to effectively transform business strategies, inspire brands to life, and create memorable spatial, digital and physical experiences. Design thinking at it's finest! Book your ticket here

International Women's Day Breakfast by One Woman Project
Sunday 11 March, 8-11am | $40 + BF
The One Woman Project invites you to join them on the morning of the 11th of March at Darling and Co Paddington to celebrate International Women’s Day for 2018! In the theme of ‘Press for Progress’ this event will feature a panel of prominent, inspiring and diverse women that are pushing for equality in their local communities, Australia and Internationally.  Book your seat to this inspiring breakfast here.The One Woman Project acknowledges that this event will take place on stolen land and that sovereignty to Indigenous Australians was never ceded. 

Don't Tell Summer presents #RadLiving 2018
Sunday 17 March, 9.30am-7.30pm | $75 + BF
A unique annual event made to inspire you to do what you love now. Speakers, live music and rad like-minded people come together to get inspired, share their dreams and celebrate livin’ life to the raddest. It’s a declaration to live an authentic, rad life. Whether that’s saying yes to going on an adventure that day, or to a dream that’s been sitting in your heart, it’s here as a reminder to do what you love, what completely excites you. Tickets almost gone, get yours here.

Sydney Content Strategy Meet Up
Monday 26 March, 6-8.30pm | FREE
Leticia Mooney will join via skype us to discuss costing content. Leticia Mooney is the CEO of South Australian content strategy company Brutal Pixie. This practical advice will help you learn how to calculate the contribution your content makes to your company's bottom line. As content folk, content is dear to us. We know that content it is valuable. We know that the internet is content. But we can we articulate that? After this workshop you'll be able to! Reserve your spot for this free meet up here.



Design Your Brand in a Day Workshop
Thursday 15 March, 9am-3pm | Tickets $299
This one is for the women Start-ups & Small Businesses! Are you trying to get your business out there on a budget, but your branding just doesn’t position you as the professional, credible business woman you are? Are you DIY-ing your branding efforts only to be left with unpolished designs and frustration? Do you constantly switch up your branding design resulting in inconsistency that confuses your audience? This workshop run by Creative Chicks will help you design your brand in a day. Learn more and secure your spot today.

Grow Your Business with Video and Social Media - Workshop
Sunday 25 March, 9am-1pm | Tickets $125
Video is one of the most valuable tools you can learn for growing your business today. It helps you to educate your clients and market your business 24/7. It enables you to be a global business from your laptop. It empowers you to communicate your message faster than anything else out there. Don't underestimate what a video can do for your business. This workshop will teach you and learn how to make professional, engaging videos to grow your brand.


League of Extraordinary Women: International Women's Day
Thursday 8 March, 7-9am |  $25 + BF (or FREE for members)
Celebrate International Women's Day with a panel of business women that are doing amazing things.  An exciting panel will share what they have learned that works (and what doesn't) in relation to building great business relationships, being a business leader, investing in self-development and creativity. They'll also chat about managing the drive to excel in business, while also taking enough time to recharge and celebrate successes along the way. Secure your ticket here


Business Chicks - Breakfast with Lisa Wilkinson
Tuesday 13 March, 7-9am | Tickets from $129
Lisa Wilkinson is at the top of her game. Throughout her career, she’s earned the respect of audiences across the country, from magazines to radio to online and television – even more so in the past year, as she’s raised her voice once again and spoken out on what’s right and fair. No stranger to the spotlight, this wasn’t the first time she’s had women around the country fist pumping in solidarity. This will be a wonderfully inspiring discussion. Secure your seat here.