The good Christmas gift guide

Christmas can be a crazy time where people spend money on things they don’t need without taking a step to think “what impact does this purchase have”. We all have the power to influence the world with the choices we make with our moolah. I recently saw a cool diagram on the ethical hierarchy of gift purchasing and wanted to share some ideas to inspire us all to rethink the way we shop this year.

good christmas gift guide
  1. Memories

    Instead of a material purchase that can potentially end up in landfill, give the gift of memories. Think tickets to an a music festival, a business event, a relaxing spa day, or a day trip exploring some place new. Not only will you minimise your impact but it’s a gift you can enjoy too (sneaky)! All you need is a camera and a smile to capture those beautiful moments. Some ideas…

    / A luxurious organic facial. We adore Little Company in Melbourne & Byron Bay.
    / Tickets to a business event from League of Extraordinary Women or Business Chicks.
    / An outdoor adventure. We love Hike & Seek’s epic day trips from Melbourne.

  2. Time & Skills

    Time but it is one of the most precious resources going right? We feel there’s never enough, but in reality we DO get to choose how we spend it. Why not share your time and talents with someone special? Simply make up a voucher offering a 1 hour session to [insert superpower here]. It could be learning how to dance, paint, build, write an about page, take amazing portraits or whatever they are interested in that you do. The only limit is your imagination! Plus it means spending a little extra 1:1 time with someone you adore.

    And while we’re on the topic of time time, Christmas is a great time to volunteer for a local charity. You may need to apply for roles for longer periods but often the help is so appreciated at this time of year. Explore opportunities here.

  3. Regift or Upcycle

    Instead of buying new, why not refurnish something and freshen it up. It could be as simple as a fresh lick of paint on a photo frame or piece of furniture. And if you aren’t particularly crafty in the up-cycle department (raises hand), books are a perfect regift idea. Share something you’ve read and loved with a personal note to make it extra thoughtful for the person receiving.

  4. Make something

    Perhaps you have a talent in the kitchen for baking or want to use the holiday season to learn how to weave, build terrariums or make candles. All you need really need is good ol’ YouTube, a few supplies and a lot of patience to get crafty. And if you prefer more hands on instructions there are loads of amazing workshops you can attend under expert guidance. These are also great gifting experiences to share. Here are a few crafty hubs we love:

    / The Craft Parlour in the Gold Coast offers resin art, cake decorating, wreath making and so much more!
    / Work-shop in Melbourne offers an endless amount of creative classes for curious minds from beeswax food wraps to DIY perfume making to welding!
    / Little Succers in Sydney teach you how to make your own beautiful terrarium!

  5. Support local

    If you can’t do any of the above and do decide to buy something physical, consciously choose to support local businesses rather than nipping into the big brand retailers. This can be a great way to lower your footprint while supporting a real small business owner who will be truly grateful for the sale. Some of our fav gift ideas from local creatives, clients and brands include:

    / Econaps - for beautiful modern cloth nappies, perfect for the little ones.
    / Wandering Folk - for stunning bohemian inspired picnic rugs & cooler bags - designed by one of our talented Cool Wow members.
    / Art Prints - support local artists like Vanessa Vanderhaven, Maddie from Little Lungs or Alana from Zingara Zingara. They have some awesome prints in their shops and also just happens to be some of our clever designers at Cool Wow Collective.

If you have any other ideas or tips we’d love to hear them - share below in the comments. Have fun creating, shopping and buying better. Here’s to a more conscious Christmas!!