31 awesome Instagram content ideas (for stories or your feed)

Ever get stuck for ideas when it comes to posting content or stories on Instagram? I sure do. So I'm sharing my list of social media content ideas that you can use whenever you draw a blank. Follow the prompts below and tag #coolwowcollective so I can see your progress and follow your pics! You can do this every day for a month to build new habits or simply bookmark and jump to this blog whenever you are overthinking your content and need a little nudge of inspiration. 

These can easily be adapted for your feed or stories. Each content theme is designed to be informative, inspiring or engaging and help you connect in an authentic way to your Instagram pals.

31 instagram story and feed content ideas

Say see-ya to creative roadblocks and hello to a happy healthy insta feed! 

  1. Shout out
    Congratulate and tag a business or person you admire for something they are doing right now. It could be a beautiful post they've shared, some inspirational words, a campaign they've launched or a product you adore.  Not only will this help build your community, it might also make someone's day. Who doesn't want that?! 
  2. App addiction
    Share an app you are using on the regular right now and talk about the value it provides and how it has been a game changer for you in life or in business. If it's useful to you, chances are it will be for someone else too. 
  3. Testimonial
    Share some kind words from a customer or client. This could be designed using a tool such as Canva. Or simply type it into an Instagram story. This one helps you build trust in what you offer, say it proud! 
  4. What problem do you solve
    You run a business and have developed a product or service that people love. Share the problem you solve so others 'get it'. Too often we forget to say what it is we actually do. Remind people, they won't buy if they don't know! Here's a little copy prompt to get you started: I help [target audience] [what problem are you solving] by [your special skills and what you do to help them].  
  5. Drink up
    Share a pic of your coffee, smoothie or whiskey! Is it your 'me time', your 'wake up' or your 'wind down'. While this may seem silly, don't forget, people do business with people. Sharing a little insight into who you are helps you connect. And why not engage your audience with a questions, ask what their 'go to' drink is too. You might even score a new drinking buddy or coffee date from it! 
  6. Goals
    Share your goals for the week. What are you setting out to achieve? Why are this important to you? Are you on track to achieving them? Either talk to camera and share them in stories or share an image of your to-do list, your workspace or something related to that goal. Why it's important? Sharing your real-world goals and challenges inspires and connects with your audience. Ask them what they're trying to achieve too, or maybe they can ask them to help you achieve your goals (you don't ask you don't get)! 
  7. Behind the scenes
    Show a little snippet of your world that others might not see. If you make a product it could be drawings, your storeroom or samples. If you offer a service it could be your workspace, a pile of books or some secret project. As human beings, we're naturally curious (and a little bit nosey) so looking into other peoples lives is entertaining and can help you connect. 
  8. Get factual
    Share a shocking, interesting or enlightening fact about your industry. Not only is this interesting content (who doesn't love a fact), it positions you as a leader and it can spark conversation. Chuck a #funfactfriday tag on it to extend your reach.
  9. Grateful
    Share something you are grateful for today. The weather, your customers, a conversation, your support crew, your team, coffee. Get creative. This one just feels good.  #thankfulthursday
  10. You
    How often do you show your face? Share a selfie or a picture of your lovely face.  Share something about that image, how you felt, where you were. Let people know who you are to build a human connection.   
  11. GIF
    Go on a .GIF hunt to find something that makes you laugh, smile or relate too. It might be a cute puppy, a #fail, celebrity. Who doesn't like a hilarious, cheeky or fun .GIF to break up the day! This is simply to make you, and your audience smile. Top tip: Give yourself a time limit, many hours have been lost .GIF hunting! 
  12. Quote
    Share a quote that resonates with you today. Search Google to find plenty of inspiration from life, love, business and more. People love quotes, they are still often one of the highest performing posts in social media! 
  13. Competition
    Give something away! Competitions are a great way to extend your reach and attract new followers. If you can, try to partner up with another complimentary brand and run the promotion together encouraging users to follow both accounts to enter the draw. Another trick, make sure you ask your audience to tag 2-3 friends to enter too. 
  14. How to
    You have a unique set of skills and knowledge, share a quick 'how to' relating to your industry. Keep it simple. Maybe it's a quick camera trick if you're a photographer, a composition trick if you're a graphic designer, a make-up tip if you sell lipsticks....you do you! 
  15. Throwback
    Share a holiday, a moment or a popular post from the past. Of course use the hashtag #throwbackthursday (even if it isn't Thursday)! You can treat this like a 'fond memory' if it's a holiday or a 'reflection' on something great that you worked on a while ago. You can totally use a post that performed well in the past - why not make the good stuff work a little harder for you!  
  16. TED
    Get some quality listening in the background while you work and listen out for a pearl of wisdom. Share this in a story or post and reflect on why it resonated with you. Remember to tag the person who did the talk and @TED too, and for extra reach #tedtalk. 
  17. Lyrics
    I find a lot of cool things listening to lyrics, so if you have the sounds pumping in the background at work, listen out for something that connects. Maybe it's a nostalgic track from your teenage years or a rad lyric from a new release. Screen shot the album, screen capture as the track plays on your iPhone, or type up the lyric you love. Everyone loves a bit of music chat, it's a great way to connect and gives a little insight into who you are! 
  18. #realtalk / #fail
    Share something that's challenging you right now or recently. It might even be something that didn't work so well #fail. Real talk is a chance for you to connect to others and chances are someone is experiencing or has been through the same situation. You might even get some great advice in return! 
  19. Ask for help
    Let your audience help you make a decision. It might between two packaging designs, colourways for your brand or even what to wear to your big meeting. This type of post is designed for engagement as you are asking your audience to comment and help you out. If you run it in stories use the 'poll' feature to get votes. 
  20. Productivity hack
    Share a tip that has helped you in your business, from diary management to list making to goal setting. Maybe it's an app. 
  21. Your why
    What gets you out of bed in the morning? Why do you do what you do? We all know the famous Simon Sinek TED talk all around finding your why (watch it here). He famously shares the phrase, "People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it" so try to connect on a deeper level with your audience by sharing your motivation to do what you do.    
  22. Motivation
    Share something positive and motivational to pump up your audience. #motivationalmonday
  23. Events
    If you're in the know and want to connect with people in real life, why not promote a local event that's coming up in your town. What is it about and why are you going? Ask if anyone else will be there. You could end up meeting some of your audience and building a deeper connection. If you have nothing coming up you could even reflect on an event that you recently attended and share a top takeaway from that. 
  24. Bestseller
    Share the product or service that you sell the most. Why is it a bestseller? Why do people love it? This will give insight into what you do and social proof (the fact that it's your bestseller) means that if others like it, perhaps it will help get someone sitting on the fence over the line. In this post it's fine to 'make an ask' and get people to contact you if they are interested in learning more. 
  25. Tips
    Share a tip specific to your expertise and encourage your audience to try it. Ask them how they go! #TipTuesday
  26. Thank you
    Share the love and thank someone today. It could be a customer, a client, a friend, an inspirational person. It's nice to get them feels going. A little kindness goes a long way! 
  27. Cross promote
    All too often we think one marketing channel in isolation, but I bet you have some other cool channels that not everyone knows about. Use Instagram to cross-promote your other offerings. Perhaps you run a great Facebook group, write a useful e-newsletter each month, have a Pinterest board full of beautiful images, or have a great free download on your website. The goal here is to use social media more strategically to fulfill your business goals, it's ok to point customers to other channels.  
  28. User-generated
    Share a picture from another brand you admire. Explain what you love about it and always credit the photographer or original source. 
  29. Play with in-built story tricks
    How often do you scroll past 'normal' mode on your stories? Well, I'm pretty sure you've given 'boomerang' a good go, but why not go out and shoot something with 'rewind', 'superzoom' or 'stop-motion'? When it comes to social platforms sometimes you just have to get in there and try it. Play around, find what works for you, see what your audience reacts too. If you don't try new things you might miss some great opportunities to showcase what you do, so try one of these fun features today! 
  30. Immersed in
    What are you currently reading or watching or listening too? It could be a book, tv series or podcast that you can't get enough of. Choose something you think your audience will love too. Everyone love a good recommendation! 
  31. Brand colours
    Share something - anything - that matches your brand colours. At the end of the day Instagram is a visual platform so keeping your feed themed will give new people landing on your page a quick 'vibe' for what your brand is about. Colours have the power to set the mood and tone of your brand so think about how you are using them in your feed.

Whew! If that doesn't give you a kick up the content butt I don't know what will! If you have any questions, ideas or other tricks to help get your content ideas flowing, please feel free to share them.

Happy grammin'!