Cool Wow Collective is a creative brand consultancy that bridges the gap between client and creative. We know sometimes businesses can’t afford a full service agency. Our approach is unique. We provide specialist creative services with the help of Australia’s hottest freelancer talent to helps start-ups and growing businesses get sh*t done. From graphic design to photography, copywriting to social media marketing, our hand-picked selection of creatives are ready and able to help your business flourish no matter what stage it's at.


 Founder Haley Berryman.

Founder Haley Berryman.

About haley

Haley Berryman is a seasoned marketing professional who’s passionate about growing memorable brands through spot-on social media, storytelling & strategy. With over a decades experience, she’s worked with brands such as Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, New Era, Hike & Seek and Thankyou in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

With a rare knack for both high-level strategy and killer creativity – a powerful combo – she’s as happy crunching numbers on ROI-boosting marketing plans as she is churning out punchy content for a website. She loves nothing more than helping creative brands find, convert and keep their dream customers. Cool Wow Collective was developed to help brands and freelancers achieve these goals so we can all live our best business life.